Personal/Leadership Development

This is one of the things that makes WiserAtWork different. Really different. Being a more effective leader of change starts with who you ARE inside your urge to make good things happen in your worlds. Simply learning to use new skills—or sharpening old ones—happens ‘over the top’ of who you are underneath:

  • Who is the person inside who will be using that skill or process?
  • Where are you coming from as you attempt to impact the world around you?
  • How good is your contact with reality and your self-awareness?
  • What is being produced ‘in here’ (inside yourself/ourselves) while things are being produced ‘out there’ (in the world)?

Those are questions that must be answered as new leadership techniques and tools are learned, otherwise it’s all just manipulation: trying to look good and/or maintain the illusion of control.

WiserAtWork brings you both the simplest, best, and most useful tools and techniques for making a difference AND the simplest, best and most useful ways to become a leader worthy of making that difference.

‘WiserAtWork reminds us that what happens on the job can serve as vital opportunities–and even ‘lessons’–for our personal development. John’s work empowers and inspires and is based on simple but powerful principles that will transform your life. They sure have mine!’ – Carol  Orsborn, PhD, Author, The Art of Resilience and Founder, (Nashville, TN, USA)

Examples of materials in this section:


  • The Sweet Spot of Leadership Effectiveness
  • The Waterline: Great Leaders Aren't Afraid to Get Wet
  • The Personal/Leadership Development Iceberg
  • The Miracle of Communication: Why Is it So Hard? (with Mike Murray)
  • Com-munication: Our ‘Together-Duties’ (Mike Murray)
  • How to SEND Communication so They Get it (Mike Murray)
  • Effective Interchanges (Mike Murray)
  • How to Turn a Gripe into a Goal (Mike Murray)
  • On Motivation (Mike Murray)
  • Adaptive Skills Assessment (great 360 tool!)
  • Throwing a Rock vs Tossing a Bird
  • The Pinch Theory: Turning Conflict into Better Relationships
  • Bridging the Interpersonal Gap: The Three Worlds
  • The Power of (Your) Presence
  • Leadership: What Cannot be Delegated
  • Many more. . .


  • Articles accompanying most of the above videos
  • Presentation/Workshop slides for each of the above videos
  • Process of Transformation
  • Coming Home to Yourself
  • And many more. . .


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