Leading Change

Since the 1940’s when Kurt Lewin, the ‘grandfather of applied behavioral science’, began to look at how groups and larger systems change, John and his colleagues have been applying his powerful principles, up-dating them, and creating new ones. The challenge is that the work of change is not linear. Change can NOT be managed. It CAN, however, be facilitated. Because each situation is different, the change process must be re-discovered each time.  

As John reports: ‘My largest system-wide culture transformation initiative was with a Telco with 120,000 people in 26 states across the USA. My smallest involved a dental office with 12 people in an office about as large as your living room. While the scale was radically different, the pressure on the leaders, the urgent need for results, and the change principles used were exactly the same.’

WiserAtWork will show you how the pros go about ‘selling’ a change process to prospective (internal or external) clients, planning change/transformation initiatives, and implementing the most powerful processes.

‘We were a pretty good company before, but with John and Amy teaching us the W@W change principles, we have become great, surpassing our strategic and financial goals ahead of time! The way we work together has changed, the way we deal with conflict has changed, and even the satisfaction and success we enjoy has changed. This W@W stuff really works—and we are Exhibit A!’ – Tom Clarke and Ted Dopart, Co-CEOs of u2i (a technology consulting firm in New York City and Krakow, Poland)


Tom, CEO, uses a W@W process with a u2i Team

Examples of materials in this category:


  • Action Research
  • Force Field Analysis
  • Breakthough Curve
  • Change vs Transformation
  • Choosing the Level of Intervention
  • Positive Role of Resistance to Change
  • Throwing a Rock, Tossing a Bird
  • Working with resistance
  • When Are Organizations Most Open to Change
  • Forces that Precede Change


  • Creating Performance Breakthrough
  • Rules of Thumb

And many more. . .

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