About Us

If you are looking at this, 'About us' likely includes you.

WiserAtWork (W@W) is made up of Subscribers, Faculty and Thought Leaders from around the world, people - like you - who are interested in how to unleash the human spirit at work, starting with our own.

Think of W@W as an international 'community of practice' helping each other be smarter with the human factor at work, solving 'people problems', resolving conflict, and creating businesses and organizations that work for everyone involved.

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W@W is the brainchild of Dr John J. Scherer. If you are reading this, you have probably been in one of his workshops, keynotes or Executive or Leadership Development Intensives, and that may be why you are checking this out. (Click here for John's vita.)

John is currently serving as the main source of the material being made available on the W@W site. It all started several years ago when one of his close colleagues spent a week going through his office files and told him, 'John, you HAVE to get this stuff out there! This is a gold mine of material that could help people wrestling with problems at work! Your audios, videos, PowerPoint slides, Client Proposals, correspondence. What a lot of practical treasure...' John then contacted a few close friends, clients and colleagues, all of whom said, 'Go for it!'

W@W Thought Leaders

Committed with John to making online solutions available to an international group of fresh thinkers leading change. Click Next to see the whole group.

W@W Faculty

Each W@W Faculty person has been chosen for their special material and authenticity. There is no 'hype' or selling or preaching by these men and women, each of whom is a respected practitioner in their field (Personal/Leadership Development, Group Dynamics, and/or Leading Change) and has a proven depth and breadth of expertise. You will want to experience and learn from these people!

This group of Faculty 'providers' is growing as more professionals from around the world with something important to say find out about W@W and want to contribute. (Who knows, YOU may find yourself in this group one day!)


People like you are the heart of W@W. Faculty will provide great material. Thought Leaders will blaze new trails. But it is the Subscribers who put all this to work in the world, and THAT is what W@W is all about: Making a difference in your world and in THE world at work. When Subscribers try out W@W’s provocative, powerful and practical resources, THEN the mission happens in the world.

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The W@W Team

Natalia at work

Natalia Stanko - born and living in Poland, she has been working with both Scherer Leadership International and The Scherer Leadership Center for a three years. In her own words: 'I cannot describe how lucky I feel to be working on such an important mission, in such fantastic environment, with such amazing people'. She will be assisting in the shooting, editing and delivering fresh W@W videos and articles to you, as well as answering your inquiries, communicating with subscribers, and making sure the WiserAtWork experience goes as smoothly as possible for everyone. Contact her directly at Natalia@WiserAtWork.com

Piotrek at work

Piotr Nowak is the Website Design and Production guy, Founder of Nopio, the Krakow-based Technology Consulting firm that has translated John’s vision into reality online. About them, John says, 'Unlike many internet consultants I have known, Piotr and his people take time to listen and to teach me how to be a better client—without 'talking down' to me or blowing a lot of "techie" fog. They are truly working with Natalia and me to create a world class online resource.'

You can reach them here: www.nopio.com